Marina qualified for immigration relief but couldn't afford the legal fees to apply As a high school senior without legal status, Karla's future was uncertain Andy didn't realize he would learn about more than just immigration law Without a social security number, Nae struggled to afford a college education

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The Campaign for Justice

Every day, Californians are denied access to the basic rights to which they are entitled under the law, simply because they cannot afford a lawyer. Equal access to justice doesn't just make some of the difference for these people in need — it makes all of the difference: the difference between staying in a home or living on the street; between a safe family or a life of fear and violence; between getting paid earned wages or having nothing to eat. Access to legal assistance often means access to healthcare, safety, food, and shelter. The Campaign for Justice is raising funds to ensure that all Californians have access to justice under the law.
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"Equal access means that courts are available to all — from low- and middle-income litigants representing themselves to businesses urgently needing to resolve disputes...Equal access means supporting a diverse judicial branch at all levels to benefit the public and to reflect the vast diversity of the state...In the end, equal access relies on public support."

- Honorable Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of California
Restoring Access to Justice: Access 3D, August 17, 2013