“Our society rests on a bedrock promise that all individuals are equal under the law. To fulfill that promise, people must be able to vindicate their rights through the legal system. Too often, low-income Californians lack resources to stand up for their rights. I work to promote access to justice so that equal justice is a reality, not just a promise, for all Californians.”
– Mark R. Conrad, Assistant United States Attorney, Legal Services Trust Fund Commission Member

Campaign In Action

Simple Ways to Take Action

Research shows most people do not really know what legal aid does, or the profound difference it can make in people’s lives. We believe that creating awareness of the important role that legal aid plays in the safety net for low-income people is the Campaign for Justice’s first and most important step. We are confident that once all Californians understand the importance of legal aid, they will care, and once they care, they will take action. Visit Campaign Tools for helpful materials and resources to educate your community about the importance of legal aid.

1. Influence your community. Spread the word, and then tell us what you have done.

  • Join the campaign, and then ask your friends to do the same.
  • Like the Campaign for Justice on Facebook, tweet using #CAforJustice, and write about the importance of funding for legal aid in your blog or other online forum.
  • Ask your local bar association to support the Campaign for Justice with a resolution.
  • Publish an article about the Campaign for Justice in your newsletter.
  • Write an article about your local legal aid. We are happy to help you get it published!
  • Attend a Campaign for Justice event (or sponsor one).

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to let us know so we can post it in Campaign in Action.

2. Connect with your local legal aid. Your local legal aid needs both your financial and pro bono support. If you already support your local legal aid, please continue to do so. If not, visit California Legal Aid Organizations to learn more about the legal aid programs in your community. You can also search for legal aid providers by county and substantive area at To learn about pro bono opportunities in your community, visit where you can locate and connect with pro bono programs at legal services providers throughout California.

3. Give generously to the Justice Gap Fund. One sure way to increase access to justice statewide is to donate to the Justice Gap Fund. Your donations are distributed by the State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Program to all qualified legal services providers throughout California.

It is only through the collective action of compassionate individuals, like you, that the Campaign for Justice will have a measurable impact. Join the Campaign for Justice and take action today!