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Sample Resolution to Designate October as Campaign for Justice Month and Declare Support for Equal Access to Justice for All

WHEREAS Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) funds in California have decreased significantly since 2008, resulting in unavoidable cuts in IOLTA funding for legal services for Californians in need; and

WHEREAS other funding sources for legal services for Californians of limited means have been cut or are threatened; and

WHEREAS unemployment, foreclosures, and other aspects of the current economy have increased the need for legal services, with more than seven million Californians now living in poverty; and

WHEREAS legal services organizations in California are forced to turn away more than half of qualified applicants seeking legal assistance because they lack the necessary resources to help the increasing number of applicants; and

WHEREAS a network of attorneys and other leaders who care about fairness and seek to ensure that all Californians have access to justice under the law have organized a Campaign for Justice, through which legal aid and pro bono lawyers will keep families in their homes, enable children to access health care, secure wrongfully denied unemployment benefits, and help persons with disabilities get Social Security; and

WHEREAS the lead entities in the Campaign for Justice are the Office of Legal Services of the State Bar of California and the Legal Aid Association of California, an organization of more than 75 legal services providers; and

WHEREAS the Campaign for Justice launched a coordinated statewide effort in October 2011 to increase awareness of the need for increased resources to provide legal services for those in need, under the banner: “CHOOSE JUSTICE, Increasing Access for Those Without”; now therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Board of the _______________________ designates October as Campaign for Justice Month and declares support for equal access to justice for all.

Executed this ___day of ____________________, 20__

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